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Locomotive Solutions

Gambus Locomotive Solutions are optimized to provide real-time, remote tracking, monitoring and control for commercial, merchant train fleets as well as cabin buoys travelling rail / cable.

Locomotive Monitoring Benefits?

Real-Time Fuel Monitoring
- Fuel Level & Amount
- Fuel dispensed into fuel tank
- Fuel consumption rate
- Theft detection
- Real time alerts
- Alerts to back office, e-mail and mobile phone
- Operational and statistical reports

Option for real time technician diagnostics

During the lifetime of a locomotive, an axle generator can be replaced time and time again. Debris that chips away at, and eventually shakes the unit loose, can cause unplanned downtime and replacement costs.

- Engine activity – RPM, temperature, pressures, etc.
- Peripherals activity
- Real time alerts on irregular operation
- Real time graphical control panel
- Preventive maintenance.

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Our Clients

A small selection of our customers. Our clients represent some of the most outstanding private and public sector / companies.S

PetroStuff, GMC Logistics, Intercontinental Distillers Limited, Petrostuff, Sarens Buildwell, Ringardas Nigeria, Python Engineering Coy. Ltd, Plateau State Government.

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